Juliana Salgado

Juliana Salgado Oliveira da Silva is a Brazilian with an undergraduate degree in System Analysis, coursed in Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC-Campinas). In her academic life, she had the opportunity to conduct distinct monitoring experiences, such as tutoring a student with special needs and working as teacher assistant at Java Development, Algorithm Analysis and Object Oriented Programming Development. She also published one article about an assistive communication project during her undergraduate research where the goal was to develop a mobile system
which had the purpose of monitoring aphasic patients remotely in absence of a caretaker, as well as helping those patients communicate through the communication board. The project (published in the Junior Scientific Initiation Journal in Exact Sciences and Engineering – ICCEEg Dec 2014) turned up to be one of the reasons why she sparked some passion and dedication over iOS Development, particularly referring to healthcare.
Juliana also worked as trainee on R&D (research and development) projects with the intent of generating knowledge regarding Android security applications. Her career as an iOS developer began at BEPiD (Brazilian Education Program for iOS Development) and with just within three months of experience she was one of the 350 students in the whole world who were awarded with a WWDC Scholarship, being able to attend the conference in June of last year at San Francisco, a feat she repeated this year, being awarded with a WWDC Scholarship once again in 2016.
Her iOS studies at BEPiD are scheduled to be completed in December of this year. Juliana is currently working as an iOS Developer at iFood, a online food delivery platform.
You can reach her at LinkedIn (https://br.linkedin.com/in/julianasalgado).

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